Stop Me Before I Don’t Blog Again
March 5th, 2012 by Christina

Wow, I guess last summer is over, huh? Oops. I really did intend to resume my blog in the fall, but I guess that season slipped away from me too. Yikes. And winter has apparently been cancelled here in the Northeast this year, so now it’s been officially three seasons since I blogged.

Mea Culpa.

Frankly (get it?),  I’m touched that a few of you have been on me about it. I am flattered that some of you have missed my musings. I miss them too, but I’ve been stuck. Allow me to be my neurotic, honest self and I’ll tell you a bit about my stuckness. I’m going to use the “deceptively simple bullet format” extolled by one of my most beloved pals/readers to explain my lengthy blog hiatus:

  • I felt like it was time to put the “Splitsville” identity behind me, y’ know? The truth is, I am still coping with the emotional–and may I say, truly hideous–financial fallout of divorce. But even I am tired of my woes by now (and I don’t tire of them easily). To perpetuate the notion of being in Splitsville seems unhealthy at this point, but I wasn’t sure where else to go, so I jumped ship. I’m definitely not in Togetherville or Everythingsgreatville, either. Hence, I postponed thinking about it with my breezy have-a-nice-summer post, after which I took an excessively long vacation in Procrastinationville. (I know, overdoing the “ville” gag. Not funny anymore. Sorry.)
  • Shortly after I stopped blogging, I simply forgot how to. I forgot my password to my WordPress dashboard. I  didn’t pay my annual Statcounter fee (and I’m sure the cool bloggers probably use some very hip, cutting-edge analytics service by now anyway). Not surprisingly, once I bailed on my readers, they bailed on me back. So instead of the invigorating “you go girl” type comments from my friends, I get random creepy spam like “Anyone here emo?” or “This blog of great interest to me. Plese wire $50,000 to adress below.”
  • I might be too cynical about the way the world is today. I really like to blog, but must everyone else do it too?  It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there and I feel like I can’t keep up with all you really motivated people. (Also, why are there suddenly so many quilters out there and why do they have a need to blog more than other hobbyists?)
  • Why shouldn’t the world be buying the cow instead of getting the milk for free? Shouldn’t I be getting paid for my oh-so-quirky midlife musings? Shouldn’t someone be getting paid for something…anything?
  • Dating: Fun in a way, but exhausting too. Who has time to craft witty blog posts when you have to stay on top of shaving your legs all the time? Maybe if I go on a dating hiatus, I’ll be more creative. Call it: Men? Oh. Pause.

So that’s where things are at. If you were one of my loyal fans, thank you for urging me to resume blogging. And, um, not that I’m trying to get the milk for free, but if I were to start a new, post-Splitsville blog, what would the focus be and what would it be called?


(Oh, also, I am supposed to give credit for the image: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1152)

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11 Responses  
Diane writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 8:24 am

Hilarious! And all so ringingly true. Hmmm, new blog name? SingleMomville?

Laura writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 9:26 am

Yay, you’re back!

Quilters have blogs? Oh, NO.

And I agree with your comment about getting paid. However, some people are “found” through their blog, and then get some sort of insane deal from it. So, there’s that.

New directions/title/topics?

-The things we do to crawl out of a truly hideous financial hole as a result of divorce. Or as a result of the recession. Or whatever the F, it doesn’t matter. I can be a guest blogger on this topic. As, I’m sure, can a lot of people.

-Men? Nah. Who cares? Been done. Been done a lot. They can be a side note, maybe. A garnish.

-I don’t know, just write and you’ll figure out what it is.

-P.Faucett. An inside joke, sorry, but for comment readers– a real guy who also happens to be… wait for it… a urologist.

Pam writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 10:19 am

Christina, forget looking for a focus, just write and see where it leads you.

Ricki writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 10:25 am

Loved it. Got it. Lots of inner laughs. Not too many villes.
Hiatus from men to connect more with your own creativity has tons of back-up: philosophically, psychologically, energetically, bio-physiologically, spiritually (all this to say, yogically), not to mention temporally. Lots more can be said on this…Which is bringing me to think about the new focus/ direction question… Seeking Selfville? (I know doesn’t have a ring to it…)… From Half to Wholeville? (still no ring)….. Something about finding emotional and financial wholeness. But then it might not be funny! Seems funny is embedded in the neurosis, which is, by definition, a split mind, a deep inner ambivence of self against self. So it’s kind of hard to have wholeness (Latin root = health) and neurosis (= funny?). Oy vay ! !

Karen Capucilli writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 11:14 am

I am still out here! And I am a big fan with many comments.

Yes, you deserve to get paid. As a person who reads more memoirs and non fiction than anyone I know, your writing is the cream of the crop. Your writing needs to be a book, be it Splitsville or another topic. Please write a book and get paid for the book.

I can get why you took a major break from this particular blog. Maybe you have written enough about this subject for now. If you have not, I will continue to read it because I love this blog. However, if it is healthy for you to move on from this subject matter, then for my own completely selfish, voracious reader please provide me with stuff to read reasons, I would ask that you blog about something else.

I also get that it can be annoying for a really great writer to be aware that everyone is blogging. I am starting to wonder if some people are writing from the vantage point of Little House on the prairie, or the land that feminism forgot. There is a great deal of quilting, canning, having copious numbers of children and knitting all of their clothes, and at this time of the year, tapping of maple trees. I get it.

The cream always rises to the top. Just because there are bad bloggers does not mean that you should stop being a great and original blogger. Or writer of books.

I continue to post pictures on FB (which I am sure will turn into blogs when I am ready) in spite of the bad photography getting posted, even the bad photography inspired by what I think of as my good photography. It’s all good.

I have said my piece. And by the way, blogs get a whole lot more traffic when you link it to FB, so don’t worry about writing in a vacuum.

Love the most recent post. Just had to add my 2 cents about your talent. If you are embarrassed, get over it.

Yogurt Mountbatten writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 11:54 am

You will always be blogging deep in my heart whether you officially blog or not!
As for Splitsville…. hmmm… how about your descent from splitsville into pitsville and then your gradual rise from pitsville into gritsville and eventually to britsville where you can become a …postman!

Christina writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Yay–real comments again from my best pals! Thank you! I could create a blog based on everyone’s funny, insightful comments alone!

Laura–yes, TONS of quilters, canners, origami-ers, and, according to Karen (see her comment) maple-syrup tappers!

Ricki: What is bio-physiologically vs just physiologically?

YM: LOVE IT–Pitsville, Gritsville, Britsville, here I come!

Jessica Heslin writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Hey Christina, I have seen blogs change names, it might be something like “Thriving Despite Us” and then in little letters “Formerly Our Journey Through Adoption”. So you could call yours Midlife Musings formerly Living in Splitsville. But ya know, the splitsville thing, and the blog was great for that 1st phase or so after splitting… maybe you are just not so bloggy right now? That’s allowed…

Christina writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Wow, I never thought of that, Jessica–thank you! Blogs seem like they’re supposed to be endless, but maybe we need to think of them more like we think of books–self-contained, finite creations.

I do really like the design I chose for this blog (designer friends, aren’t you impressed?) so maybe I will simply re-name it.

How does anyone have time to read so many blogs, anyway? I feel very old and curmudgeonly–like who cares? I guess that’s why I’m sometimes a reluctant blogger.

Liza writes:
March 6th, 2012 at 10:23 pm

So Funny, …it doesn’t matter WHAT you blog about, at the risk of sounding really boring: Just be you and let us in. We get it.

Christina writes:
March 9th, 2012 at 6:21 pm

Is it ok that it is these very comments from you wonderful people that make me want to continue? Because if I had gotten zero comments, I think I would have crawled back into my little blog-free cave. Seriously. I know I shouldn’t care and just blog into the void fueled only by my passion for words and self-expression–but I’m not like that, sadly. I need to know that someone is taking it in and responding positively.

(That’s normal, right? Hello? Anyone still there?)

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